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Darksiders series is indeed one of the "hidden gems;" the series is quite famous, but not as  famous as Devil May Cry or other hack-&-slash, platform, "find-a-thing-to-open-a-thing." The game is not incredibly innovative, yet the execution of many mechanics is solid, and the experience is mostly pleasant.  For instance, fighting demons and monsters is a lot of fun from the beginning of the game because of how satisfying War swings his big-ass sword... Chaoseater...  it feels very "Berserk style," - not a sword but a huge chunk of iron, and you can feel the weight of it. Other weapons such as the scythe and gauntlet look great (especially the scythe effects), yet they also feel redundant. I found myself using  Chaoseater  for 80-90% since it has more damage. I think adding an alternative, and more importantly, faster way for earning experience for other weapons would not be a bad idea. My Chaoseater sword was Level 2 when I got the  Tremor Gauntle