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A lot of people, and game critics as well, think that Dragon Age 2 is a much worse of a game than Dragon Age Origins. However, I think that DA2 is good, but in its own way, and I'll do my best to explain why I think so. BioWare made the game much better, yet it brought such a massive number of changes that people didn't accept it. In other words, gamers disliked the game not because it's worse but because it's so different compared to the first one. Even though any story/plot is a subjective matter, I think that DA2 story is indeed objectively better. First of all, the writers have done a terrific job on making the player an important part of the story, but it does not feel like the world of DA2 revolves around the player. This is contrary to DAO where if the player doesn't exist - nothing else exists, so the second game has more mature and somewhat more realistic way of storytelling. Additionally, almost every character and every dialog have much more detail
This project has a somewhat sentimental value to me; the idea behind was to show the struggle of distance relationship, thus the gameplay is very hard. It is essentially a clone of famous "Flappy bird" but with an ability of two players playing on the same device, randomized traps, and original art. Two people, lovers or friends, can compete with each other when they meet and just have fun. It is a simple game, but I made it for a person who I was waiting to meet. Alpha version does not have sound. Available on Google Play Market: [ T&G Adventures ]